Educational plan

The curriculum consists of 90 credits, organized into 3 semesters of 30 credits, organized into subjects of 5 credits and the master's degree work of 15.

The first term consists of two itineraries (Applied and Académic), and will consist of 6 subjects of five credits. Both itineraries will share a subject, "Non-Parametric Methods", which makes up the Mandatory Module, which will allow the students of the two itineraries to be introduced to the basic techniques of non-parametric statistics. The objective of this first four-month period is to introduce students to fundamental data management techniques, Inferential techniques, probabilistic modeling, optimization techniques, dependency analysis models, as well as non-parametric techniques. Each of these objectives is developed in a specific subject.

The first term guarantees that, independently of the chosen itinerary, the students acquire the basic competences of the MTE. Thus, students will finish the first four-month period in a position to take any subject of the Optional Module of the second and third four-month periods. At the time of enrolment, the student must choose one of the two itineraries. Exceptionally, and if authorised by the MTE Title Commission, a subject from the chosen itinerary may be exchanged for the corresponding subject from the other itinerary.

Both itineraries give access to the optional module, which is developed in the second and third semesters. To formalize a 60-credit registration, in the second semester the student must choose in the 6 optional subjects of 5 credits each. The third semester also consists of 30 credits, 15 from the TFM and, in addition, another 15 spread over 3 subjects 5-credit electives. The distribution of electives taken in the second and third semester can be changed as long as a total of 45 optional credits.

The TFM consists of 15 credits which may be either academic or professional work. It can be done under a collaboration agreement with a company. It is offered in the second year of the master's degree.

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