EMPLEO | Postdoc in Biomedical Image Analyses and Artificial Intelligence

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) is a cutting-edge institute addressing global public health challenges through research, translation into policy and education. ISGlobal has a broad portfolio in communicable and non-communicable diseases including environmental and climate determinants, and applies a multidisciplinary scientific approach ranging from the molecular to the population level. Research is organized in the following main areas, Malaria and other Infectious Diseases, Maternal, Child and reproductive Health, Urban Health and environmental health, Climate & Non-Communicable Diseases. ISGlobal is accredited with the Severo Ochoa distinction, a seal of excellence of the Spanish Science Ministry.

What We Are Looking for

ISGlobal is seeking a motivated postdoctoral researcher to join the Biomedical Data Science Research Group of Dr. Paula Petrone at ISGlobal, created in the framework of the Severo Ochoa Program, with the vision of leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve health care outcomes. This is a unique opportunity for a motivated data scientist to contribute to the digital transformation of biomedicine and carry out research that has social impact and responds to unmet medical needs.

The postdoctoral researcher will develop novel research that applies advanced computer vision, spatial statistics, machine learning and deep learning to various different imaging modalities. An ambition of this team is to implement predictive modelling as well as explainable AI methods to understand disease drivers leading to early disease diagnosis and the discovery of novel digital biomarkers.

Previous experience in the computer vision or deep learning fields is highly desirable. Interest is additionally expressed for candidates with demonstrated experience in the biomedical field.

As part of the Biomedical Data Science Team, the selected candidate will have the opportunity to work in a highly multidisciplinary environment, working closely with computational, experimental and clinical collaborators in a creative, challenging and entrepreneurial environment. ISGlobal offers training workshops where the postdoctoral fellow will be able to develop technical and interpersonal skills which are important for a successful career. The Biomedical Data Science Team fosters team diversity and encourages the application of candidates from different backgrounds and genders.

This position will be supported by funding from the “Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa 2019-2023” Program (CEX 2018-000806-S) from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and the Spanish Research State Agency.

Field research
Computer science
Environmental science
Medical sciences
Training and experience /Qualifications

Candidates are expected to:
Have a completed, or close to completion, PhD with strong analytics expertise in any of the following areas: Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics or related fields with focus on computer vision and image analyses. Additional profiles will be considered if highly motivated researchers in other related disciplines decide to apply
Experience developing algorithms or building data solutions, and integrating and managing datasets from multiple sources
Solid programming experience in one or more general purpose programming language: Python, R, Scala
Hands-on experience using one of the following deep learning libraries: Tensorflow, PyTorch or similar is desirable
Having first-authored publications in peer-reviewed journals is desirable
Be willing to work in an interdisciplinary team within a highly collaborative research institute
Be fluent in spoken and written English
Be willing to apply to individual fellowships to become and independent researcher and define new own lines of research

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