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9:00-9:30   Opening ceremony
9:30-10:30   The department of Statistics in Santiago. The beginning of a research field. (José Antonio Cristóbal Cristóbal)
More than 30 years researching in Nonparametric Inference. (Wenceslao González Manteiga)
10:30-11:00   Coffee break
11:00-12:30   On the information hierarchy in survival models. (Winfried Stute)
Survival Analysis and Multi-State Models: A Nonparametric Point of View. (Jacobo de Uña Álvarez)
12:45-14:15   Five Ws on nonparametrics for circular data. (Rosa Mª Crujeiras Casais - Joint work with José Ameijeiras, María Oliveira and Alberto Rodríguez-Casal)
Smoothing-based inference with directional data. (Eduardo García Portugués)
14:15-16:30   Lunch
16:30-18:00   Smoothed stationary bootstrap bandwidth selection for density estimation with dependent data. (Ricado Cao Abad - Joint work with Inés Barbeito)
Bootstrap confidence intervals in functional regression under dependence. (Juan Manuel Vilar Fernández - Joint work with Paula Raña, Germán Aneiros and Philippe Vieu)



10:00-11:30   Significance testing based on Fourier transforms. (Miguel Ángel Delgado)
Asymptotic distribution-free tests for semiparametric regressions. (Juan Carlos Pardo Fernández - Joint work with Juan Carlos Escanciano and Ingrid Van Keilegom)
11:30-12:00   Coffee break
12:00-13:30   Generalized Akaike Information Criterion for small area models. (Mª José Lombardía Cortiña - Joint work with Esther López-Vizcaíno and Cristina Rueda)
A plug-in bandwidth selector for nonparametric quantile regression (curvature and sparsity estimations included). (César Sánchez Sellero - Joint work with Mercedes Conde Amboage)
13:30-16:00   Lunch
16:30-18:00   On detection and identification of heterogeneous observations. (Ricardo Fraiman - Joint work with Antonio Cuevas.)
30 years of Big Data. (Manuel Febrero Bande)
2016. Galician Seminar of Nonparametric Statistical Inference