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    Thursday June 16th Friday June 17th Saturday June 18th

International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics (IWFOS 2011)

Saturday June 18th

    9:00 Invited session

I. McKeague.

Sparse functional linear regression with applications to personalized medicine  

    9:40 Oral contribution

P. Delicado.

Dimensionality reduction for samples of bivariate density level sets: An application to electoral results  

    10:00 Oral contribution

F. Ferraty, A. Goia, E. Salinelli, P. Vieu.

Recent advances on Functional Additive Regression

    10:20 Poster session II  
    10:40 Coffee-break  
    11:00 Oral contribution

J. A. D. Aston and C. Kirch.

Power Analysis for Functional Change Point Detection

    11:20 Oral contribution

S. Greven, C. Crainiceanu, B. Caffo, D. Reich.

Longitudinal Functional Principal Component Analysis

    11:40 Invited session

R. Fraiman.

Functional Quantiles

    12:20 Lunch