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By air:

Santander Airport, located about five kilometers from the Town Hall, has daily connections with Madrid, London and Barcelona. A flight to and from Madrid takes about 40 minutes, about 60 minutes for Barcelona. Check with your travel agency for further details, alternatively check Iberia Airlines, or Ryanair.
There are frequent buses (roughly, once every 30 mins) from the airport to town:

Bus  Parayas Airport, Santander - Santander
The trip takes 15 minutes. The ticket is purchased in the bus and you also have a ticket vending machine in the airport. Click here for more information:

Alternatively, you may take a taxi, at a price of 10-15 Euros. Phones:
Radio Taxi
: (34) 942 33 33 33
Tele Taxi : (34) 942 36 91 91


A less convenient possibility is to fly to the Bilbao Airport, because of the problem of getting from Bilbao to Santander. Unless you are willing to fork out 100 Euros on a taxi, there are two options: either FEVE trains from Bilbao to Santander or a bus.


There are three trains per day:

Bilbao train station Departure time Santander train station Arrival time Duration
Bilbao 08:02 Santander 11:00 2h 58m
Bilbao 13:02 Santander 15:58 2h 56m
Bilbao 19:30 Santander 22:15 2h 45m
Santander train station Departure time Bilbao train station Arrival time Duration
Santander 08:00 Bilbao 10:46 2h 46m
Santander 14:00 Bilbao 16:46 2h 46m
Santander 19:00 Bilbao 21:46 2h 46m

Ticket price: 7,75 euros
Round trip: 14,45 euros


There are numerous, very affordable buses to Santander from the Bilbao's Garellano Bus Station and journey time is roughly 90 mins. It is advisable to take a taxi from the airport to either the Railaway Station or the Bus Station.


Bizkaibus operates a bus link between the Bilbao bus station (Termibus) and the Bilbao Airport. This is the Bizkaibus A3247. This Airport Line take 35 minutes time. The ticket is purchased in the bus and costs 1,30 euros.

From the airport you have a bus every 20 minutes from 6:20 to 00:00. In Bilbao airport the bus stops in front of the Arrival’s door and stops also in:
-Alameda Rekalde 14
-Gran Vía (Subdelegación del Gobierno)
-Gran Vía 74
-Termibus (Bus station, from here you can take a bus to Santander)

From Bilbao Termibus you have a bus every 20 minutes from 5:20h to 22:00 h. The  bus stops in:
-Gran Vía 79
-Plaza Moyúa
-Alameda Rekalde 11
-Bilbao airport


By sea:

There are two sailings a week between Plymouth (UK) and Santander, each is a 24-hour cruise operated by Brittany Ferries. See their website for schedule and fares.
Phone: (34) 942 360 611
Email: santander@brittany-ferries.com

By train:

Several daily connections from Madrid, operated by RENFE and trains from Bilbao and Oviedo, operated by FEVE.

By bus:

All buses arrive at the Estación de Autobuses.
International buses, e.g. from Brussels, London, Paris, Zürich and Prague are operated by ALSA, phone (34) 902 42 22 42 or (34) 942 22 16 85.
Extensive number of national bus connections, operated by ALSA too.

By car:

If you drive your own car or a rented car, you can arrive at Santander

  • South: South: You have two possibilities: Take the free highway Madrid-Burgos. Once in Burgos, take the free highway A-231 and, after 55Km, take the free highway A-67 to Santander. Second possibility is to take the free highway Madrid-Valladolid. When arriving to Valladolid, take the free highway to Palencia and here, join the the free highway A-67 to Santander. Both ways take approximately the same: around four hours and a half.
  • South (alternative): If you dislike mountain roads follow free highway Madrid-Burgos, then the toll highway Burgos-Bilbao and, finally, the free highway Bilbao-Santander. This route takes about 100 km. more than the main route above.
  • From France (East): Toll highway from the French border till Bilbao, free highway from Bilbao to Santander). About 60 minutes Bilbao-Santander, two/three hours Santander/French border.
  • From the West (Galicia, Asturias and Portugal): Free Highway from Asturias and Galicia to Santander.