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    Thursday June 16th Friday June 17th Saturday June 18th

International Workshop on Functional and Operatorial Statistics (IWFOS 2011)

Friday June 17th

    9:00 Invited session

P. Kokoszka.

Estimation and testing for geostatistical functional data

    9:40 Oral contribution

J. C. S. de Miranda.

Estimation of Functional Coefficients in Partial Differential Equations

    10:00 Oral contribution

J. Harezlak and T. W. Randolph.

Structured penalties for generalized functional linear models

    10:20 Oral contribution

A. Aue, S. Hoermann, L. Horvath and M. Huskova.

Sequential stability procedures for functional data setups

    10:40 Coffee-break  
    11:00 Invited session

C. Crainiceanu.

Population-Wide Model-Free Quantification of Blood-Brain-Barrier Dynamics in Multiple Sclerosis 

    11:40 Oral contribution

G. Boente,  D. Rodriguez and  M. Sued.

Testing the equality of covariance operators

    12:00 Oral contribution

P. Secchi, S. Vantini, V. Vitelli.

Spatial Clustering of Functional Data

    12:20 Lunch  
    14:30 Invited session

A. Kneip.

Combining Factor Models and Variable Selection in High-Dimensional Regression 

    15:10 Oral contribution

F. Ferraty, A. Martinez-Calvo, P. Vieu.

Thresholding in nonparametric functional regression with scalar response  

    15:30 Poster session I  
    15:50 Coffee-break  
    16:10 Invited session

D. Kraus.

Second-order inference for functional data  with application to DNA minicircles

    16:50 Oral contribution

S. Naya, M. Francisco-Fernandez, J. Tarrio-Saavedra, J. Lopez-Beceiro, R. Artiaga.

Applications of Funtional Data Analysis on material science