Seminario 24-11-2022

Estadística y aplicaciones

Data: 24-11-2022

Lugar: Aula 1 (Facultade de Matemáticas) e Online

Información detallada:

17:30- 18:30

Estimation of moments and density of first passage times by lower and upper risk thresholds
Nuno M. Brites
Department of Mathematics – Lisbon School of Economics and Management

18:30- 19:30

Explainable artificial intelligence. How solid statistical science can help?
Jacek Leskow
Politechnika Krakowska im. Tadeusza Kosciuszki (Universidad Tecnológica de Cracovia)

Abstract (Brites):
The main goal of this talk is to present, for a particular fish population under constant harvesting effort, the mean and standard deviation of first passage times by several lower and upper threshold values. In addition, I'll present a method to obtain the probability density function of the first passage time at a threshold through the numerical inversion of its Laplace transform.

Abstract (Leskow):
In my talk, I am going to start with several examples of critically important applications of Al in various areas of modern governance. Then I will show how statistical science should reclaim the Big Data territory. Specifically, I am going to focus on copula functions and functional data analysis in statistical signal processing.