Innpar2D is divided in two blocks: a first block focused on methodological developments and a second one devoted to exploratory methods, software implementation and practical applications.

B1. Nonparametric inference: modelling, estimation and testing

L1. Random effects models

L2. Structured models

L3. Quantile regression

L4. Functional and high dimensional data

L5. Directional data

L6. Incomplete data

L7. Spatial and spatio-temporal processes

L8. Set estimation

B2. Exploratory methods, software and applications.

Software development and implementation. Innpar2D researchers develop and maintain R packages ( including their current advances. In a description of the packages can be found.

Applications. Innpar2D is conceived with a relevant practical scope, with applications in actuarial sciences, recommending systems, epidemiology, environmental sciences, ecology, biomedicine, geolinguistics or proteomics.