Seminario. 29-07-2021

Aula Magna - Online

16:00- 16:45

Vojtech Kika
KU Leuven (Belgium) and Charles University (Czech Republic)

Multivariate tail coefficients and their estimation

Multivariate tail coefficients are an important tool when investigating dependencies between extreme events for different components of a random vector. Although bivariate tail coefficients are well-studied, this is, to a lesser extent, the case for multivariate tail coefficients. This talk contributes to this research area by (i) providing a thorough study of properties of existing multivariate tail coefficients in the light of a set of desirable properties; (ii) proposing some new multivariate tail measurements; (iii) dealing with estimation of the discussed coefficients and establishing asymptotic consistency; (iv) solving practical issues resulting from the estimation of limiting quantities; and, (v) studying the behavior of tail measurements with increasing dimension of the random vector. A set of illustrative examples is given, and practical use of the tail measurements is demonstrated in a data analysis with a focus on dependencies between stocks that are part of the EURO STOXX 50 market index.