Wenceslao González Manteiga

Catedrático de Estadística
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela - USC

Publicaciones Destacadas

1) González-Manteiga, W., Martínez-Miranda, M. and Van Keilegom, I. (To appear 2016). "Goodness-of-fit test in parametric mixed effects models based on estimation of the error distribution". Biometrika.

This is one of the first papers in goodness of fit for regression models with random effects components. With high applications in different contexts: small areas, longitudinal models, ... Abstract

2) Boente, G., González-Manteiga, W., Rodríguez, D. (2014). "Goodness-of-fit test for directional data". Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. 41 (1). pp. 259-275. Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc. ISSN: 0303-698 Google Scholar

Under our knowledge, this is the first paper published in the “Statistical Literature” with the objective of testing, using density estimation, and the goodness of fit of family of distributions for the context of directional data. Abstract

3) González-Manteiga, W. and Crujeiras, R. (2013). "An updated review of Goodness-of-Fit tests for regression models". TEST. 22. pp. 361-447. Springer Verlag. ISSN: 1133-0686 Google Scholar

Invited paper: This is the first paper with a general review in the topic of goodness-of-fit for regression models. This paper was invited by the journal TEST with six discussants with big experience in the fields. Abstract

4) Inácio, V., González-Manteiga, W., Febrero-Bande, M., F Gude, Alonzo, T.A., Cadarso Suárez, Carmen María (2012). "Extending induced ROC methodology to the functional context". Biostatistics. 13 (4). pp. 594-608. Oxford Journals. ISSN: 1465-4644 Google Scholar

This is the only paper up to now with the study of the ROC curves with functional covariates. Abstract

5) Cao, R., González-Manteiga, W. (2008). "Goodness-of-fit tests for conditional models under censoring and truncation". Journal of Econometrics. 143, 166-190. Elsevier Science Sa. ISSN: 0304-4076 Google Scholar

A general theory for testing with censored and truncated data. Abstract

6) Aneiros Pérez, German, González-Manteiga, W., Vieu, Philippe (2004). "Estimation and testing in a partial linear regression model under long memory dependence". Bernoulli. 10. pp. 49-78. Int Statistical Inst. ISSN: 1350-7265 Google Scholar

One of the few papers in goodness of fit for regression models with long memory. Abstract

7) González-Manteiga, W., Delgado González, Miguel A. (2001). "Significance testing in nonparametric regression based on the bootstrap". Annals of Statistics. 29 (5). pp. 1469-1507. Inst Mathematical Statistics. ISSN: 0090-5364 Google Scholar

A general theory for testing different semiparametric models. Abstract

8) Presedo Quindimil, Manuel Antonio, Stute, W., González-Manteiga, W. (1998). "Bootstrap approximations in model checks for regression". Journal of the American Statistical Association. 93, 441. Amer Statistical Assoc. ISSN: 0162-1459 Google Scholar

A hot paper. A lot of times cited. One of the first papers using "Wild Bootstrap" for calibration goodness of fit test for regression models. Abstract

9) González-Manteiga, W., Cao, R., Marrón, J. Steve (1996). "Bootstrap selection of the smoothing parameter in nonparametric hazard rate estimation". Journal of the American Statistical Association. 91,435. pp. 1130-1140. Amer Statistical Assoc. ISSN: 0162-1459 Google Scholar

One of the first papers using boostsrap to select bandwidths in curve estimation. Abstract

10) González-Manteiga, W., García-Jurado, I., Cao, R., Febrero-Bande, M., Prada-Sánchez, J. M. (1995). "Prediction using Box-Jenkins, nonparametric and bootstrap techniques". Technometrics. 37, 3. pp. 303-310. Amer Statistical Assoc. ISSN: 0040-1706 Google Scholar

An important semiparametric model for the prediction in environmental sciences. Abstract

11) González-Manteiga, W., Cao, R., Cuevas, A. (1994). "A Comparative Study of Several Smoothing Methods in Density Estimation". Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. 17. pp. 153-176. Elsevier Science Bv. ISSN: 0167-9473 Google Scholar

A very cited paper. A big revision on bandwidth selection in density estimation. Abstract

12) González-Manteiga, W., Faraldo Roca, Pedro, Cristóbal Cristóbal, José Antonio (1987). "A class of linear regression parameter estimators constructed by nonparametric estimation". Annals of Statistics. 15,2. pp. 603-610. Inst Mathematical Statistics. ISSN: 0090-5364 Google Scholar

One of the first papers in to combine nonparametric and parametric inference. Abstract