Interunivesity Program of Postgraduate Course (Program)

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  • Titles that can be obtained with the Program

The Interuniversity Postgraduate Program (Program) of Statistics and Operational Research allows to obtain the following titles:

  1. Master in Statistical Techniques
  2. Doctor in Statatistics and Opertational Research
  • Justification of need

The Interuniversity Postgraduate Program comes from the transformation of the Graduate Program in Statistics and Operational Research, an interuniversity also, that began to take place in 2000-2001 and which have formed a large group of doctors in the area of Statistics and Operational Research in recent years.
The birth of the third cycle in the first place, and the current Program of Statistics and Operational Research arises with the potential merger of teaching and research in this area of the three Galician universities: A Coruña, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela and the participation of visiting professors from renowned of national and foreign universities.
In this period, the third-cycle students had different profiles, nationalities and diverse academic training.

In Galicia there is currently no specific degree of Statistics. The only connection to the superior knowledge of Statistics is the current orientation of Statistics in the last degree courses in Mathematics at the University of Santiago. This Postgraduate Program, taking into account this point and the large number of requests from various disciplines that support statistical knowledge for their analysis in the world of engineering, finance, biomedicine, and so it was decided that Program that meets the requirements to include those students who wish to complement their academic studies, or on the other hand require a more professional knowledge of statistical techniques and operational research.

Justification - More information

  • Memory verification Master in Statistical Techniques
In the next link you can consult the memory verification of the master approved in September 2011 which contains detailed structure and operation of the master in all sections.
  • Recipients of the Master in Statistical Techniques

Graduate to extinguish or graduate degree in Mathematics or Statistics. Any graduate which shows a basic knowledge in Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Recipients  of the Ph.D. in Statistics and Operations Research

Students with master's degree or equivalent, who want to train as doctors in Statistics and Operations Research.

  • Organizing Universities
  1. University of Santiago de Compostela (coordinator). Department of Statistics and Operational Research.
  2. University of A Coruña. Department of Mathematics.
  3. University of Vigo. Department of Statistics and Operational Research.
  • Faculties  where classes are taught
  1. University of Santiago de Compostela . Faculty of Mathematics. (Aula 0)
  2. University of A Coruña. Faculty of Informatics. (Aula 2.7)
  3. University of Vigo. Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. (Aula 145)

The courses will follow from any of the three universities by videoconference. Each teacher will teach their subjects from the university, but students can follow the lessons by videoconference from his college tuition, except for some practical credits to be reported.

  • Career
This Program offers the possibility used as a statistical consultant in business: 
  1. of financial sector,
  2. of health sector (medicine, pharmacy,...),
  3. of biological area ,
  4. in government,
  5. in social research firms,
  6. in research and development laboratories,
  7. and many other professional activities.


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