Educational plan

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To obtain the Master in Statistical Techniques the student must pass 90 credits. This should take three four-month periods of 30 credits each.

All subjects in the Program of Statistics and Operational Research will be held by video-conference system. This allows any student enrolled in the Masters to attend classes at any of the following sites: 

  • Faculty of Mathematics (University of Santiago de Compostela).
  • Faculty of Computer Science (University of A Coruña).
  • Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Vigo).

In the first four-month period FIVE obligatories.

In the second four-month period the student must choose SIX subjects of five credits. An appropriate choice of this subjects enables students to study modules: 
  • profile of applied statistics.
  • profile of theoretical statistical.
  • profile of Operational Research.

In the third four-month period the student must choose FOUR subjects of five credits. An appropriate choice allows the student to continue and complete the study of learning done in the second four-month period.

There are a wide range of electives to encourage multidisciplinary, allowing a total of TEN credits in other government programs for Master, upon request, to be determined in due course.

In the third four-month period  the student must make a Final Project Master or supervised work in a company with a dedication of 10 credits.
Each student will be guided by one of the coordinators in their choice of Study profile.

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