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  • Academic guidance: obtain advanced training in Statistics and Operations Research, both in terms of theoretical and applied.
  • Research guidance: training students for research in the field of Statistics and Operational Research. Take the first steps in the investigation, which culminated in the development of a doctoral thesis.
  • Career guidance: to provide training on application of the methods of Statistics and Operational Research which are valuable in professional practice in many sectors: biosanitary, finance, engineering, and many others, as well as activities that require investigation for which statistical methods are essential.

Academic structure of the Master in Statistical Techniques

To exceed 90 credits, students receive the official title of Master in Statistical Techniques, valid throughout the national territory, and allowing access to the Doctorate.
The Master is divided into three four-month periods: 

  • First four-month period: Fundamentals of Statistics and Operations Research.
  • Second four-month period: Advanced Teachings.
  • Third four-month period: Specialized Courses and Project (Final Project Master or supervised work in conjunction with a practical problem or work to start the investigation.)

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