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The PhD Program in Statistics and Operations Research is proposed as a transformation of the doctoral program (R.D. 778/1998) and the transformation of integrated PhD in IPP. Has inter-university, which make up the University of Santiago de Compostela, Coruña University and University of Vigo.

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- PhD training in research in Statistics and Operations Research
- Training of researchers for basic sectors: Public Statistics, Finance, Industry, Environment, Medicine, Economics, Biology ...

The number of places: The number of places of new entry offerted is 30.

Mention international PhD
After implementation of RD 99/2011 of 28 January (BOE 10/02/2011), have been new developments regarding the European Doctorate section (from now on international Mention)
Indicate two links where you can see what's new:
- Clarification of the procedure for submission of thesis (final paragraph):

Moreover, from now on the CD must be attached with the copy of the dissertation should include: a document with the doctoral thesis, a paper with a summary in Galician / Spanish and another document with a summary in English. This is also new point of clarification of the procedure for submission of theses in paragraph Documentation:

Composition oh the tribunals

Approved prior to the admission process of the doctoral thesis will be forwarded to the Academic Committee of the PhD.
The trial tribunal for a PhD thesis shall consist of five members and two alternate members. More information on the composition of tribunals

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