Admission and registration

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Note: This website is for information only and pre-registration and registration process is conducted in universities organizing the Master (USC, UDC and UVigo). Therefore, a more accurate and updated information on the schedule, pre-registration, registration, admission list, .... can be found in the main websites (section teaching Postgraduate Programs) for each of the three Galician universities.

  • Admission criteria and selection

Number of places for each University:

  1. University of Santiago de Compostela: 25 places.
  2. University of A Coruña: 25 places.
  3. University of Vigo: 15 places.
In selecting among pre-registered students will be taken into account: The academic record of applicants. The overall curriculum of the applicant. In cases that require it, interviews with applicants for admission to clarify issues relating to their merits.

Calendar of Pre-registration and Registration


Official website of the USC



Official website of the UDC


Official website of the UVigo - Access to RR (all information)

Call for a special period of admission in masters, for foreign students in the course 2013-14.
Number of places: Each master can advance the admission of up to 5 students foreigners.
Deadline for applications: From March 1 to June 20, 2013.

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Admission and registration part time:

The USC and UVigo allowed to enroll part of the courses so that students undertake the Masters in double time by following a curriculum that students agree with the coordinator of the Master. The UDC allows a partial registration of the course more flexible, less able to enroll subjects in each course. To this end, the student must have the approval of the coordinator of the Master. For more information on this type of registration to contact the coordinator of the Master in the current university.

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