I grew up in Lugo (Galicia), a small town in the northwest of Spain. Then, I moved to the nearby city of Santiago de Compostela, where I got my degree and my PhD. After several years living abroad, it seems that I have (temporarily) closed the cycle returning to Santiago.



I am very fond of sports. Specially field hockey, running, and, above all, chess.

I have developed, jointly with three colleagues, two new families of tie-breaking methods for chess tournaments: recursive performance and recursive buchholz.


Field hockey


My team in Chicago (2005)


Tournament in Florida (2005)



Pictures with my team at the University of Santiago (1999-2005)



Me at the Panathinaikos Stadium in Athens, where the first modern olimpic games took place (1999)




National Championship U-14 (1991)


Paris Open (2005)