Node creation

Note: the 1st membership application process is now concluded. The start of the 2nd process
will be announced on this website

In order to create a new Node of the Biostatistics National Network an application form must be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

A new node must fulfill the following requirements:

1./ The leading researcher (IR) of the CANDIDATE node must have extensive research experience as well as teaching experience and/or professional collaborations, in the area of biostatistics.
2./ The IR must lead biostatistics research projects in areas of the National Mathematics Programme (MTM projects) preferably or FIS and europeans projects.
3./ The CANDIDATE node must consist of at least 10 members. There must be a percentage of around 60% of doctors in the node.
4./ The CANDIDATE node structure and background must be consistent with the objectives of the network.

The decision for the creation of new nodes will be taken by the current nodes IPs attending to scientific criteria, similarity in topics of research, affinity with the network nodes. The IR of the CANDIDATE node will be informed of this decision.
In the case of a positive answer, the incorporation of the new node to the network website will take place 10 days after the Commission meeting date.
Members of the new node must provide the network with the information required to be included in the website.