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September 2011

Thursday 8th September 2011

Mrs. Mar Rodríguez Girondo (Node Galicia) has been given the  "Young researcher" award in the "XXIII Conferencia Española y III Encuentro Iberoamericano de Biometría 2011" that has taken place in Barcelona (Spain).

Monday 26th September 2011

Fantastic welcome to BIOSTATNET´s presentation by Dr. Francisco Gude Sampedro (Node Galicia) in the "Jornadas i-MATH de Redes Temáticas Españolas", that have taken place in Castro Urdiales (Cantabria, Spain)

October 2011

Thursday 6th October 2011

María Luz Durbán Reguera, Main Researcher of Node Madrid, has presented the Network in the "SEE-SESPAS 2011 Conference" of the "Sociedad Española de Epidemiología",  held in Madrid (Spain)

November 2011

Thursday 17th of November 2011

Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Muíños, member of Node Galicia, has chaired the session"Mesa 1: Biostatnet"  III Jornadas de Usuarios de R celebrated in Madrid, where 11 R software packages implemented by members of the network have been presented. The conference programme is available here.

December 2011

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th of December 2011

Carmen Cadarso Suárez, main researcher of Node Galicia and Guadalupe Gómez Melis, main researcher of  Node Catalunya-BIO, have chaired in the 4th International Conference of the ERCIM WG on COMPUTING & STATISTICS (ERCIM'11) sessions ES14, ES15 and ES72 under the common title "Networking on Biostatistics: the BIOSTATNET project", where members of the network have presented their research works. The conference programme is available here


February 2012

Thursday 9th February 2012

Foro Transfiere

Isabel Martínez Silva, Node Galicia´s Consulting Committee representative, has held on behalf of Biostatnet, several meetings with potential sponsors at "Foro Transfiere" in Málaga (Spain)  on February, the  9th of 2012. Other members of BIOSTATNET have also been presenting their own research groups in this forum. Further details available here.

April 2012

Tuesday 24th April 2012

Mª Luz Durbán Reguera, Main Researcher of Node Madrid, has given the seminar "El papel del bioestadístico y la bioestadística en los proyectos de investigación biomédica. Red BIOSTATNET" at the Instituto de Salud Pública, Madrid Salud.

June 2012

An article written by the 8 Main Researchers of Biostatnet entitled BioStatNet: an interdisciplinary Biostatistics network has been published in the "Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa de la Sociedad de Estadística e Investigación Operativa". A soft copy can be found here.

July 2012

Wednesday 18th July 2012

Vicente Nuñez Antón and Jesús López Fidalgo, Main Researchers of Node País Vasco and Node Castilla-La Mancha-OED respectively, have presented the National Biostatistics Network at the II Congreso de Jóvenes Investigadores en Diseño de Experimentos y Bioestadística (JEDE II).

September 2012

Wednesday 5th September 2012

A new article entitled "Data and Scientific Rigor" by Guadalupe Gómez Melis, Main Researcher of Node  Catalunya-BIO, has been published in Biocat. This very interesting editorial focuses on the importance of Statistics in general and of Biostatistics mainly, as well as on the great role of Biostatnet. You can read it here.


November 2013

A paper authored by young researchers of Biostatnet entitled Young biostatisticians in Spain: career or race? has been published on the October 2013 issue of the Bulletin of Statistics and Operations Research. Altea Lorenzo-Arribas et al. discuss new opportunities and challenges for the integration of young professionals in the Biostatistics area in Spain (e.g., multidisciplinary training, collaborations with other scientists and strategic partnerships in research). This article directly relates to a roundtable celebrated in January 2013 in the framework of the 2nd General Meeting of the Network. This article intends to provide the perspective of young biostatisticians on what many experienced colleagues have been discussing for years (i.e., interdisciplinary environment, training, opportunities abroad and development of new concepts). You can read the article here.