How did the network start?

The network was inspired by the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation framework whose Strategical Health Action establishes as one of its objectives “to increase the number and quality of human resources for health R&D&i”. The National Network of Biostatistics was first presented in April 2010 to the Education Ministry as a complementary action of scientific-technical nature.

In September 2010, after a selection process and in an advertising, objectivity and evaluation regime, this thematic network was established and called BIOSTATNET.

BIOSTATNET consists of 8 nodes integrating several regions:


-       CATALUNYA – BIO node

-       CATALUNYA – SEA node

-       GALICIA node

-       GRANADA node

-       MADRID node

-       PAÍS VASCO node

-       VALENCIA – GEEITEMA node

These nodes involve national and international university researchers and biomedical institutions making a total of 185 members.

Distribution of members.

                                                                     Table 1. Nodes total figures

                                                   Table 2.  Members from Spanish universities

                                                  Table 3. Members from Spanish biomedical institutions                 

                                                              Table 4. Members from foreign institutions